About Us

PCOS Ultra Support was created and formulated by a double board-certified OBGYN with over thirty years of experience treating women with PCOS. James Haley, MD, FACOG, FPMRS has treated thousands of women suffering with PCOS while in private practice in North Georgia. With extensive research and study in nutrition, his life-long passion is helping women achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

PCOS is often misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all, and many OBGYNs simply do not have the updated medical knowledge or the desire to effectively treat PCOS patients. PCOS is a complicated disorder requiring extensive time and compassion to provide information about treatment options, healthy dietary changes and supplementation for long-term benefits. *

For over thirty years of helping PCOS patients, Dr. Haley became frustrated with how often he saw new patients that had been not helped by their prior physicians. Medications that have always been used in the past are still being given despite being proven to be ineffective and harmful.

The truth is that with education about PCOS, and truly understanding what is going on in the body - the how and why - PCOS symptoms can be reduced and even eliminated. PCOS is challenging, and women with PCOS tend to be fighters, strong, and willing to do what it takes to succeed. With dedication, guidance, education, and support from others, women with PCOS can successfully overcome the troublesome symptoms and achieve lifelong health. 

After much research, Dr. Haley collaborated with Nutrascience Labs, Inc. to create an all-natural supplement with long-term health benefits for women with PCOS. The company was formed, "GYN's Choice", and the product for PCOS patients was formulated after extensive research and study. PCOS Ultra Support is a combination of 22 all-natural ingredients with a multitude of health benefits for women with PCOS. * Two tablets a day can help support balanced hormonal levels, help maintain insulin and blood sugar levels already in the normal range, increase energy, support improved fertility, and may play a role in a weight loss program (in combination with diet and exercise), and much more. *

PCOS Ultra Support was created specifically to provide a lifetime of health benefits. Combined with an effective PCOS diet and exercise, women with PCOS can achieve optimal health for themselves. *